About Madcap Factory

mad·cap (adjective; noun) amusingly eccentric

fac·to·ry (noun) a person, group, or institution that continually produces a great quantity of something specified (see madcap)


We create scaleable event formats, in-person experiences, and impeccable products that help brands engage their communities. We are equally entrepreneur and artist. Every product or event is also an experience and what we build is rooted in strategy, wonder, delight, and hospitality. We produce original projects and bespoke work for clients.



We believe play is a basic human right.
We think new experiences can slow time and improve memory.
We take naps seriously and we take them often.
We prefer high fives to handshakes.
We play games because they build character and community.
We explore, ask questions, and continue to learn.
We wear costumes and dance before work.
We make things with our hands.
We eat cookies and we also eat green things.
We schedule meetings in unexpected places and always bring party hats to birthdays.
We send handwritten mail to say “Hello”, “I love you”, & “Thank you”.
We believe time is our only finite currency. We believe in time well spent.



Madcap Factory is Molly Sonsteng, Sam Utne, and a growing cohort of amusingly eccentric collaborators.


Molly Sonsteng
cofounder | head of production

Molly is a producer, experience designer, and entrepreneur dedicated to time well spent and deepening human connections. She’s created countless projects that encourage people to live creative and meaningful lives. A classically trained singer with a Masters Degree from Columbia University in Educational Leadership, her professional history includes working for Carnegie Hall, Manhattan School of Music, and Daybreaker. She ran a summer camp and a political campaign office, developed music curriculum, taught preschool, and was the Director of Admissions at a music conservatory. In addition to Madcap Factory, she is also a cofounder of Caveday, whose mission is to improve people’s relationship to work. Molly is a seasoned facilitator, speaker, and host but you’ll most likely find her doing cartwheels down the street or winking at strangers. ;)


Sam Utne
cofounder | head of strategy & creative

Sam focuses on designing, building, and engaging communities through unique experiences. He strives to understanding the challenges that businesses face and helps them map a path to success. Sam is a strategist, creative director, and entrepreneur who has worked with startups, Fortune 500s, and everything between. In addition to cofounding Madcap Factory, Sam started Commins (hyper local events and services to bring neighbors together), ran Impact Hub NYC (membership and events for social enterprises), and was cofounder of Postography (a digital-to-paper postcard app). Sam built MN Culture Club (a community for Minnesotan transplants) and Private Noise (called one of HuffPosts top 5 music blogs). In a previous life he was a Business Manager at Fahrenheit 212, Creative Director at TILE Financial, served on the board of Threshold Foundation, and was a child magician. Sam loves olives, oysters, and sledding and believes the future is live and face-to-face.

Wondering why a spinning top?