Madcap Factory is an amusingly eccentric production house. We create scaleable event formats, in-person experiences, and impeccable products that help brands engage their communities. 


We are equally entrepreneur and artist. Every product or event is also an experience and what we build is rooted in strategy, wonder, delight, and hospitality. We produce original projects and bespoke work for clients. 


We are experts in


Scaleable event formats

In-person experiences

Impeccable products


Clients include 


Featured projects


Inconspicuous Games:
Field games played (in secret) in high-traffic landmarks.

- - - - -


Smalls Smores:
The all-in-one tiny s’more experience in one beautiful kit.

- - - - -

Bark Game Design.jpg

Bark & Co:
Games for dogs to play with people.

- - - - -


Fort Greene Commins:

Daytime workspaces & evening events that bring the neighbors together.

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First Time Out:

An intimate variety show for first-time performers.

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Have an idea? Need one?
Let’s find a way to bring something to life.